2-Year Old Dies At The Ho Municipal Hospital, Parents Allege Medical Negligence

Parents of two year-old Yao Somey have blamed medical staff of the Ho Municipal Hospital for the death of their son.

In an interaction with Global News’ Etornam Ohene-Sefadzi on the Global Midday News Thursday, November 30, 2017, father of the deceased, Kumah Somey, 36, said little Yao took ill yesterday Wednesday November 29, and was taken to the Ziavi Community Health Center where he was treated and discharged same day.

However, they had to rush their son to the Ho Municipal hospital early this morning as his condition suddenly began to worsen.

“This morning, while feeding him ahead of his dosage, we detected a strange depression in his demeanour. So we rushed him to the Ho Municipal Hospital where he was admitted to the Emergency Unit. Because he did not have a Health Insurance Card, I told the nurses I was prepared to foot whatever cost that will be incurred.

I was then given some prescriptions to go purchase from town. After roaming from one pharmacy to the other, I eventually got the prescribed drugs in one of the pharmacies only to realize that it was IV Fluid (Drip) that I had been asked to go buy. I was very enraged because I could not fathom how a whole Ho Municipal Hospital could not have IV Fluids in stock to save my dying son. But then upon my return from the pharmacy, I realized the nurses had already started administering the Drip to the boy,” he said.

Mr. Somey Kumah alleges that “but for sheer negligence and unprofessionalism from the blood bank, my son would probably have been alive with us as I speak. After I had returned from the pharmacy in town, a further diagnosis of my son son by the Medical Doctor revealed that the boy needed blood immediately, so I was given a card to take to the Blood Bank.

However, tests showed that none of us (parents) was a match for the deceased whose blood group was A+. The medical officer at the Blood Bank then asked us to go get someone who is a match for our son. Seeing the urgency and critical condition of my son, I pleaded with him to give out the pint of blood to be given to my son, so the mother and I could donate a pint each as replacement, but he declined my offer.

After a long period of prolonged pleading from me, he only retorted that there was no machine in the hospital that could gauge the genuineness of my plea. So the bottom line is, the officer refused to give out the blood to save my son, with the excuse that the hospital did not have the blood type in stock. Dejected, I decided to rush to the village [Ziavi Dzogbe] to solicit the help of friends. When I got to the Emergency Ward to report my experience at the blood bank, I saw general pandemonium as the nurses and two medical doctors were trotting about by son. This alarmed me greatly. Seeing the desperation of the moment, one of the nurses rushed to the Blood Bank after which they dashed to the Emergency Unit with the blood, which was immediately fixed onto my son. But no sooner had the transfusion commenced than the doctors pronounced my son dead,” he said.

Meanwhile, checks from management of the Hospital for their reaction to the incident have yet to yield any result as Administrator of the hospital, Mr. Charles Torkornu, said they were yet to investigate the incident, after which they will give an official response.


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Source: Globalfmonline.com/105.1/ Etornam Ohene – Sefadzi

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