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Good day Sir,

Please don’t find this weird since it might be your first time seeing an open letter not dated, and which will be read by many social media funs before you.

It is my greatest joy to congratulate you on your new feat as the Municipal Chief Executive of Ho Municipality, Volta. What I didn’t know, though, is that you are An old wine in a fresh bottle. You truly have the experience no one could underestimate.

The job of an MCE is not just as ordinary as one may presume it to be; rather, all expectations of the first gentle man of the land, the president, is expected of you as well. You represent the president for that matter.

Article 243(1) of the 1992 Constitution and Section 20(1) of the Local Governments Act mandates the president to appoint his representatives in the various Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies. This I will honestly say the president has done very aptly.

The question that begs asking then is; what is the “make-up” of the person he appoints to represent him? Rhetorical as this may sound, the simple meaning one could derive from it literally is, what capability and skill set does one bring to the job?

Hon. MCE, Mr. Akorli Nelson, to be very frank with you, it came as a surprise to many when your name popped-up as a nominee for the highly esteemed position.

Many, including myself, were of the view that the Ho Municipal Assembly should have a younger representative as MCE. I was one among many who started researching on the possible names that could fit the profile .

That’s just by the way; this letter is for a purpose and that purpose is to do you good in office. Let’s bounce to business:

I want you to try every possible best to lobby for finance or, better still, find a way to mount some more traffic lights in the capital, Ho.

It’s quite mind-boggling for a whole city like Ho to have just four traffic lights(High Court, KK House, OLA and Civic Center) as though the many other major junctions in the city are not one worthy of attention.

The Dome, GN Bank and Guinness junctions are among the very crucial junctions that have witnessed accidents of all forms. Here, altercation between drivers, passengers and even pedestrians is commonplace.

I don’t want to believe Ho is a glorified village where common traffic lights will elude us as a people.

Secondly, street lights in the Municipality must not only work in the day time and cease to function at night. Imagine how nice this city would be if street lights illuminated the streets from the main township to the Aerodrome, even if not to Agbokorpe, the end pole of the Municipality.

I believe we can get it done if you are committed to doing a great job for this Municipality and have your name enter the “Volta Guinness Book of records.”

These are very petty things that matter most to people in the community in which we all find ourselves today. This is especially so because robbers and other such criminals are usually unable to confidently operate in a well-lit environment .

Hon. MCE, it is not for lack of other competent persons that the mantle fell on you to lead this city; it is for the fact that the president considered your ability and capabilities most suited to the job. How disgraceful it will be, then, if an experienced hand like you should also choose to merely follow ‘business as usual.’

Let me not stress your iris much, get these two minor things addressed first, then we can start tackling the objectives which you made me believe are your priority areas when I first interviewed you after your nomination.

Jobs for the youth, the implementation of your government’s one district, one factory policy [which you convincingly said Ho Municipality will be a beneficiary of]. As to what the said factory will produce, we can only wait to see.

It is common knowledge that the previous government, through your predecessor (Hon. Fafa Adinyira) has done its bit to bring the Municipality this far.

Observing the field of play as a spectator is quite different from being on the field of play. Hon. MCE Nelson Akorli. I can only urge you on as my job could permit me. Mine is to talk about it and believe that you act in good faith for all of us to enjoy.

But before my subscription, let me bring to you a recap of a memorable discourse I gad with a friend about few days ago. He was visiting me in Ho for the first time:

Friend: “FKM, so we haven’t reached Ho yet?

 Me: Ooh we are in Ho, this is Ho! I said confidently.

Friend: Wow you mean Ho could be this underdeveloped, he asked”? Well, we can only hope for the best.

This is but one of the thousands of embarrassing questions one has to answer anytime we want friends to visit Ho to attend programs.

Hon. MCE, you have lots of human and material resources to tap from to make this city a great one. Unless you want us to believe all politicians are the same, we look forward to a great and a beautiful city, Ho.

Though this is an open letter, expect an enveloped copy on your desk to keep reminding you of what we as citizens expect from you.


All MMDCEs, Volta.

All Media Houses, Volta.

FKM Duhoe


The writer is a News Editor at Global FM, Ho.

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