Community Member Set to Singularly Turn Tapaman Around

A citizen of Tapa Abotoase in the Tapaman Traditional area in the Biakoye District of the Volta region is bent on turning the fortunes of his community around for the better.

Mr. Stephen Nyarko Sharp, a Corporal in the Ghana Police Service stationed in the Ashanti region, has been engaged in an annual donation exercise in the Tapaman Traditional area for many years now. His donations usually cover schools as well as the community itself.

In an exclusive interview with Global FM News in Tapa Abotoase on Friday November 16, 2018, on the sidelines of this year’s edition of the donation exercise, Cpl. Nyarko indicated that helping his community has always been his passion; one that he nurtured from childhood.

“Since I was a young boy, I have always told myself I would do whatever I could to help my people when I grow up and I’m able to make something little with which to do that. God being so good, life has started being a bit easier so I feel the time is right to give back to my community. I’ve realised that when we were young, there were certain things we lacked that kept us from realizing our full potential early enough.

And so as God is giving me the platform, I asked myself, why don’t I help the young upcoming ones by providing for them some of those crucial things we lacked in our time?

I believe having these materials will be a major boost in the confidence and self esteem of the students to also take their studies seriously. And so this, in simple terms, is what has motivated me to do what I’m doing,” he said.

Some beneficiaries of the exercise were the Tapaman Senior High School as well some basic schools and the youth group in the community itself. The estimated value of items donated as well as some renovation works done by Cpl. Nyarko at Tapaman SHS is pegged in the regions of Eighty Thousand Ghana Cedis (Ghc 80,000). These include a 3-in-1 Printer, Photocopier and Scanner, computers, lamination machines, projectors plus screens, air conditioners, internet routers, ceiling fans, lawn mowers.

There were also assorted sports kits such as sets of volleyball equipment, sets of Table Tennis equipment, sets of jerseys, a good number of football, volleyball, handball, etc.

Receiving the items on behalf of the schools, the Assistant Headmaster of Tapaman SHS, Mr. Michael Damesi, commended the efforts of Cpl. Nyarko and called on others to emulate his example and come to the aid of the school.

“We’re very excited with what Mr. Nyarko has done. Out of the lot he has proved himself to be trustworthy, and the materials he has brought will go a long way to help improve the standard of the school.

Even though this school is an infant one, it has the potential for growth, because ever since it was started as a private senior high school in 2010 until it was fully absorbed into the public system in 2012, it has been growing steadily and academic performance of students has also been on a steady rise.

And so what the gentleman has done, if all others can do same, I believe within a couple of years this school can fairly compete with all others across the country,” he said.

Cpl. Stephen Nyarko Sharp is the Chief Executive Officer of Sharp Herbs LTD., producers of Inboost Herbal Mixture, a leading FDA-approved herbal tonic that does wonders for the human immune system.


Source: GlobalFM/ Etornam Ohene Sefadzi

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