COVID excuse for military deployment in Ketu South is an insult to the intelligence of Ghanaians

Member of Parliament for the Ketu South Constituency in the Volta Region, Hon. Fiifi Kwertey, has taken the New Patriotic Party government to task regarding comments made by some government officials over recent mass military deployment to the area.

The outspoken legislator, during the 5th edition of the NDC’s weekly press encounter at Aflao on Monday June 29, 2020 rubbished claims by government that the said deployment to the region as well as to other Eastern border lines is a measure against the importation of COVID.

According to him, if the high COVID case count in Ghana is to be measured against the relatively lower recorded cases in Togo, then the apprehensions of importation of covid should be haboured by neighboring Togo and not the other way round as we are being made to believe.

“The MCE of Ketu South, who represents President Akufo Addo here, has explained that the reason for the deployment of the military personnel is so they can help check unapproved routes to prevent foreigners with Covid 19 from coming from neighbouring Togo and increase cases of Covid 19 in Ghana. This position has been supported by the Volta regional Minister, Dr Letsa as well. So, this is the official government explanation for the turning of Aflao and other border towns in the region into virtual war zones. How laughable! How utterly ridiculous!” he exclaimed.

“Total Covid 19 case count in Togo stands at about 615. This is less than Greater Accra, less than Ashanti region, less than Western region, less than Central region and just about 75 cases more than the case count in Eastern region. If there is any fear of Covid, it should rather be the people of Togo who should be afraid of Ghanaians crossing the border to spread Covid 19 in Togo and not the other way round. The epicentre of Covid 19 in West Africa is not Togo. Ghana is in far worse trouble than Togo. One of the first persons who came into the country with the virus was in the president’s entourage in Oslo. So, this official reason being provided is hollow. It is laughable and actually represents an insult to the intelligence of our people,” he added.

The Volta Regional MPs Caucus, on Monday June 29 trooped to the Ketu South Constituency to ascertain, first hand, the nature of the situation in the area and to assure the people of their protection and continuous support.

The NDC accuses the the ruling New Patriotic Party of inherent hatred for the Volta region and its citizens, citing historical records to buttress their claim.

“A member of the [NPP] took President Rawlings to court over claims that he was not a Ghanaian. The mother of President Rawlings is from Keta in the Volta region. He was born in the Gold Coast in 1947. He served this country as an air force officer; became the head of state of this beloved country. Despite all these, the NPP deemed him not good enough to be a Ghanaian- after all in the view of NPP, who have always believed they are the “owners of Ghana”, Keta is not part of Ghana,” Ketu South legislator Fiifi Kwertey said, adding “President Rawlings, despite hailing from Keta in the Volta region, was deemed not to be a Ghanaian, why is anyone in shock when we state that the NPP has an ingrained belief that the people of Volta region are aliens and therefore should not be allowed to determine the political destiny of Ghana?”

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