Don’t Relax, Pursue The Case To The Full Notification – GIBA Boss Urged

The President of the Ghana Independent Broadcasting Association (GIBA), Mr. Andrew Danso-Ahenkora says the affected radio stations in the statement released by the National Communication Authority (NCA) should not jubilate but pursue the case until they get the official notification to resume.

His comment came at the back of NCA’s action that closed down about 134 Radio and Television Stations in the country. GIBA as the association to the independent broadcasters initiate series of actions have been taken Against the regulatory body.

Speaking in an interview on the Global Morning show, Mr. Danso-Aninkora told host Randy Edudzi Ahadzi that the statement by the NCA to prompt Radio Gold, Radio XYZ and other Radio stations that it has authorized them to resume operation is vague.

“GIBA checks has shown no official authorization has been given to the affected stations”,he added.

He stated that the statement is not for jubilation but to congratulate the new board of the NCA for their good intentions to restore the Radio stations and asked for the proper communication of the NCA to be hammered on.

In addition, he mentioned that the affected Radio stations have been silent ever since the incidence and have called on them to follow up on the statement released in order to gain the official authorization.

“They don’t have any notifications so if they have remain silence up to this day, I think they should remain silent but they have to pursue the matter until they get the official notification”, he urged.

Story by Esther Kumah Attipoe

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