Dr. UN Awards: Alisa Hotel Is Complicit – Prince Yao Amevi

The infamous Dr. UN Awards conversation and controversy might seem to be going down but it is definitely serving as a wake-up call to many people especially unsuspecting people who might have fallen for such schemes in the past.

Speaking on the youth cafe show yesterday, the morning show host on Kuul, Prince Yao Amevi said, Alisa Hotel – the host of the award night cannot be left off the hook. Explaining further, the presenter said the Hotel seemed to have only focused on the money they were going to make which made them ignore the due diligence component of such contracts.

I am sure lawyers will advise any of these recipients of this Dr. UN Awards to include Alisa Hotel as partners in Crime. They should have done due diligence – seek to know their clients, who they are, where they are from, and if truly they are who they are but to ignore all that and allow their client (Dr. Fodjour) to take all these people for a fool, they (Alisa Hotel ) are complicit”

Touching on the topic for discussion “Proliferation of Award Schemes, Genuine Celebration of Hard Work or Money-Making Venture for Organizers

Mr. Amevi opined that the desire for recognition is what blindfolds even the most prominent and astute personalities in the society to fall, victims to many of these fraudulent and fake awards such as Dr. UN Awards.

He advised that we become more concerned about the jobs that we do and the impact we make in the lives of the people we serve.

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