Eric Angel Carbonu leads Nagrat for another 4years

The National Association of Graduate Teachers, NAGRAT, converged at Chances Hotel, Ho in the Volta Region from the 10th  to the 13th of November 2012, for their 13th Quadrennial National Delegate Conference to take stock for the period of 45 months in office as leaders of the Association. This three days conference was used to amend the association’s constitution, laid new resolutions, read financial report and also elect new or maintain officers of the association.

The position of the National President, Vice President, General Secretary, Financial Officer, Organizer / Publicity and ladies of excellence were unopposed.

Meanwhile, the position of Deputy General Secretary was fiercely but peacefully contested by Mrs. Seyram Abra Geni – Aidam and Rene Senyo Kwamekorko. At the end of the poll, 218 delegates cast their ballots and Rene Senyo Kwamekorko won with 156 votes representing 68.72% and Seyram Abra Geni – Aidam had the second position with 62 votes representing 27.31%. Mr. Rene Senyo Kwamekorko thanked members of the conference for the confidence repose in him and asked that there should not be any camp again. ” _Election is over, no more Seyram or Rene camp, we are NAGRAT members_ ” he advised.

Officers that will run NAGRAT for the next four (4) years (45 months) are; Mr. Eric Angel Carbonu – President, Jecob Anaba – Vice President, lsaac Lartey – Financial Officer, Michael Ayuraboya – General Secretary, Rene Senyo Kwamekorko – Deputy General Secretary, Harriet Kinsley Annan – Publicity, Rebecca Okran Abeidu – Gender Desk (Ladies of Excellence). Mr. Angel Cabonu used the opportunity to call on the government to relook at the salaries especially the 4% of teachers again i.e increase it at least up to 7%, also restore the responsibility allowance for their members.

He also called on the Ghana Education Service to stop imposing unnecessary seminars with high fees on members and seriously address the issues of how members salaries is been taken off due to validation, promotion of members was not left out and if all these are address by the end of November, they will advise themselves in the near future.


_Story by Frank Kwame Abbor_

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