Expect A Big Announcement From Me In A Month Time – Korku Lumor

The Youth Cafe Show on Global 105.1 FM is becoming the hub for youthful conversation. The show which is hosted by Bismark Sellally Lawson assembles young people who are doing well in various fields of endeavor to have their say on several issues of thematic relevance. From Relationship, Religion, Business, Entertainment, Entrepreneurship, Traditional discourse, and Trending Issues among others, the youth cafe show for almost 3 years has enriched such conversation that is youth-related.

One important segment of the Youth Cafe Show is what is dubbed, Trailblazer Of The Week which seeks to celebrate young other people by way of focusing on the work they do. The Profiles of these individuals are read followed by a phone-in-conversation where the trailblazers share stories of their journey with listeners.

Yesterday, the Youth Cafe Show was aired as usual and one who has so much for himself and the region, Korku Lumor also know as Lion was celebrated.

Over the past ten years, Korku has played the lead role in the following stage Theatre productions as an actor; The Gods Are Not To Blame written by Ola Rotimi, Corpses Comedy written by Nanabenyin Kweku Wartenberg, Sons and Daughters written by Joe De Graft, Run for your wife written by Ray Cooney, Moonshine Solidarity written by Tunde Lakoju, The trial of Comrade Atta written by Dzidudu Darkey-Mensah, Love net, Caught by wife, EboNii written by myself and also stage-managed Midnight Hotel On theatre for development (TFDs), I have done several social campaign drama sketches under DANIDA, UNICEF and Partners (Iodine Salt Campaign Project, Ghanaians Against Child Abuse Mobile theatre and Hand Washing Campaign events are just but a few), Ghana Tourist Authority, several puppetry shows to promote peace before, during and after Elections in Ghana. As an arts entrepreneur I incubated ‘Rhythms Bar’ an Open Mic event dedicated to providing a platform for young who reading day, singing, drumming, and dancing among others.

Presently, Lion is a Professional Master of Ceremonies, an actor, a playwright a Morning Show Host and News Anchor at TV Africa, The Host for Ghana’s Youth President Reality TV Show on Joy Prime, a content developer for both radio and television, and an arts entrepreneur.

Reacting to comments of the Host of the show, he said he is surprised to be celebrated for things he considers as personal struggles rather than his achievements.

Korku went further to touch on the need for the youth of the Volta Region to unite and push each other. They should be concerned about the initiatives that belong to their fellows.

In signing out, Korku said we should be expecting an announcement soon. “Be expecting an announcement soon, no matter how disappointing it may be, everyone should expect an announcement soon.” When quizzed by Sellally whether the announcement is going to be about leaving TV Africa? Korku remained silent on the content of the announcement and urged listeners of the show to be patient till the end of the month September 2020

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