GhanatechLab and Ho Node Hub hold consultative stakeholders meeting in Ho

Ho, Volta Region capital has once again witnessed the gathering of its youth for fruitful discussions around web technology. This year’s event which took place on Friday 23rd April 2021 focused on “The role of web technology for digital transformation of the local economy for job creation and economic development” saw several young men and women who are making strives in the area of tech took participants through various opportunities that are available for grabs and how they can take advantage of them.

Desmond Kitsi, a speakers at the event and CEO of GENIUS IT BRAINRY – a company dedicated to training children and women in IT said, things are changing and we must change along with them. He centrered his presentation on three key areas which according to him are the basic skills everyone seeking to excel in all industries as entrepreneurs. He said Digital Skills, Leadership Skills, Entrepreneurial Skills have become essential skills that those who are yet to acquire must be quick at it.

Fred Duodu, a journalist based in Ho who took over from Desmond laid much emphasis on Techpreneurs understanding their immediate environments first before getting to know what is far from them.

“You must understand the social media community to know how to live there and make impacts. Selling Ghana and African identity on social media while we seek to make much out of it. One thing we sell on social media is image and we must sell immediate . Social media is a free space and you are free to do what you want but you must design an internationally viable content with primary focus on solving problems of our immediate environment.” the passionate journalist said.


In his closing remarks, Courage Asase, the administrator and programs manager at Ho Node Hub after expressing his satisfaction about the turnout intimated that the program was organized as part of plans and pathways to Sustainable Employment by Ghana Tech Lab in partnership with Ho Node Hub.

“This is a stakeholder gathering to collate consensus on the potential and the role of web development technology in the local digital economy and also how it propels youth employment in your community. This meeting seeks to bring key stakeholders together to outline the skills gap, challenges, opportunities, strategies, and collective policies for transforming the local economy to achieve sustainable development through digital skills and entrepreneurship.


Based on the feedback we received last year on our new and decentralized approach to our stakeholder engagements, we did want to continue on that same target. This meeting has proven to be essential for growth, sustainability, and positive. The meeting among other outcomes is focused on driving conversations on the local level and ideas as key solutions and bridging the skills gap.”

The participants on the other hand have expressed their excitement and appreciation to the organizers of the opportunity.

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