GNAT Holds 5th Quadrennial Volta Regional Delegates Conference

The Volta Regional wing of Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) has organized their 5th Quadrennial Regional Delegates Conference at the regional capital, Ho.

Themed ‘Promoting Early Childhood Education; the way to achieving the 2030 Agenda on Education,’ this year’s delegate conference was to elect members of the Association to occupy various executive positions to steer the affairs of the Association for the next four years.

The Deputy Volta Regional Minister, Honorable Maxwell Kofi Blagodzi, who was the Guest of Honour for the occasion, urged parents to understand and appreciate Early Childhood Education as the most important stage of children’s education since it forms the foundation on which all other forms of education would be built.

Mr. Blagodzi noted that Early Childhood Education should encompass comprehensive policies which develop the cognitive, tactile, emotional and social potential of the child, adding that issues involving early childhood education are numeorus and need to be given serious attention since they have the potential to influence the physical growth of the child as well as enhance the mental development and performance later in life.

“The Government alone cannot provide all the educational infrastructure and resources at the same time to meet all the needs of the Early Childhood Education across the nation. Complementary roles played by private individuals and organizations towards Early Childhood Education therefore is recommended and appreciated to achieve this goal,” He said.

On his part, former Deputy General Secretary of GNAT, Mr. John Kwasi Nyogbe, who delivered the keynote address on the occasion, said Early Childhood Education is very important because investment in young children, especially those from marginalized groups, yield the greatest long-term impact in terms of developmental and educational outcomes.

He added that Early Childhood Education has the potential to nurture children in safe and caring environments with appropriate infrastructure, which will allow them to become healthy, alert, safe, secure and able to learn.

“Early Childhood Education inculcates in children the desire for leaning continuously thus setting the goal towards life-long learning” he said.

Mr. Nyogbe further outlined some major challenges in the Early Childhood Education sub-sector such as accessibility, inadequate trained pre-school educators, infrastructure deficit as well as quality of instructional materials.

He finally appealed to the government, stakeholders as well as the directors of Ghana Education Service to help enhance quality Early Childhood Education.

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