Growing private security companies threat to Ghana – UN

A new report by the United Nations has expressed concerns over the growing number of private security personnel in Ghana.

The report revealed that the current number of private security personnel in the country stands at 450,000 as against the Police force of 33,000 men and women.

Speaking to the media on the trend, a member of the delegation of the United Nations Working Group, Ms. Patricia Arias, told journalists in Accra that the number of illegal private security agencies in the country is also worrying.

“The Working Group is concerned with the sheer number of private security personnel in comparison with the number of police personnel. It is also concerned with the number of private security companies operating throughout the country illegally,” she said.

She noted there is the need for proper and efficient monitoring system by the state to ensure that private security companies operate within the law.

“There is the need to systematically vet company personnel to ensure they have proper training, including training in human rights. The likelihood that private security personnel carrying out unmonitored operations are the problems raised with government, it is possible the number of private security people in the country is higher than what has been reported. There is need to regulate their activities”.

Currently, there are over 400 private security companies registered in Ghana.

Source: Ghana/StarrFM

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