Many artistes in Ghana made it known that the type of music to be composed nowadays are determined by the populace which they termed as COMMERCIAL MUSIC.

Artistes are forced to switch from their real talents to something else so they can also be relevant and hence make some money.

Kush Elikem De Dancehall Gladiator who is noted for slewing hardcore instrumentals with his wild vibes, has gone soft because of the market demand for COMMERCIAL MUSIC.

Kush Elikem the CEO of Dottiyard released songs such as “We All Need Somebody”, “Eseveve”, “Sakplisasa”, “Akushika” and “Yaayi” which are all soft commercial masterpieces. Spotted by Joy News on his birthday, he was asked why the sudden change of music style and pattern, he said ” I am really enjoying the new style of music am doing now because that’s what the market demands”.

He further stated, versatility is relevant in the music business and he even started his music career as a Dancehall act but switched to Rap and finally backed to Dancehall. So fanatics and music lovers should not be surprised if he decide to add Rap to the new commercial music pattern he has chosen.

His publicist hints the release of a new banger entitled “ENTER”. When asked to talk about the yet to be released song, he smiled and said “I don’t want to talk about ENTER now because, when we start to enter we won’t end anytime soon”.

So should we say, the Ghanaian music market has switched artistes from their real talents to do music that will suit the trend?


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