Ho Rotary Club Brings Christmas Closer To Hospitalized Children In the Volta Region

For children on admission in various hospitals across the Volta Region, the glamour and excitement of the 2018 Christmas festivities shall not be lost to them after all, thanks to the Rotary Club of Ho and their service partner Rotaractors.

The club, on Saturday December 25, 2018, paid a visit to some hospitals in the Regional capital in commemoration of the yuletide.

In conveying their goodwill, the group made their first stop at the Volta Regional Hospital where assorted gift hampers were donated to patients in the Children’s ward and the Children’s Clinic.

President of the Club, Mr. Joseph Dzamesi, said as unfortunate as it is, the reality is that every year some children spend the Yuletide in hospitals, and it is imperative that society reaches out to these children and make them feel included.

“Every year we have children who spend Christmas at the hospital. It’s unfortunate but it happens.

As a club, our charge this year is to be the inspiration. And so we are here this morning to inspire our children, to put some smile on their faces; both Rotaractors and Rotarians.

We’ve brought Christmas hampers that we want to distribute to them and interact with them and encourage them.

We basically want to make them feel that although they are here, there are people elsewhere they don’t know who are thinking about them and are praying for them that, hopefully, very soon they will leave this place” he said.

“As Rotarians, we know God has blessed us in many different ways, and although we may not have much, we are fortunate than others.

Therefore as we are celebrating Christmas, we are taking the moment to make a difference in the lives of others, to be inspiration to these children who are in the hospitals. It is our hope that this little gesture goes a long way to make a difference in their lives,” he added.

Receiving the items on behalf of the unit, Senior Paediatrician of the Volta Regional Hospital, Dr. Lord Mensah, said although the Rotary Club of Ho has made many such gestures to the hospital in times past, this donation is particularly significant, not merely because of the material gifts, but more importantly it will inspire the children to endeavor to get better because they will know that aside from the medical staff, there are others elsewhere who care about them.

“It’s important to us, as healthcare providers, to have you around with these hampers for the children who  are on admission.

What you have come to offer to them is going to serve as motivation and the effect of this will go a long way to hasten the recovery of the children because they know somebody somewhere is thinking about them; it’s not only those of us here working and taking care of them, but others elsewhere are also complementing out efforts,” he said.

“We thank the Rotary Club of Ho for making our children in the hospitals smile on an occasion like this.

This Christmas, I’m sure, will go down in their  memories as one of the best Christmases they have ever celebrated. We ask for God’s blessings for whomever gave you such a wonderful idea.

On behalf of the people of Ho, and the Volta region, we thank you most sincerely. We pray that God replenishes whatever resource that has been expended in this sacrifice” he added

The team was conducted around the facility where they exchanged pleasantries with patients, caretakers and staff alike while distributing the items to every patient.

From the Regional Hospital the team made similar donations at the Ho Municipal Hospital as well as Royal Hospital. Today, Monday

December 24, 2018, the Club pitched camp at the Peki Government Hospital where they again interacted with medical staff and patients after the donation exercise.


Source: Globalfmonline.com/ 105.1/ Etornam Ohene – Sefadzi

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