Ho Technical University SRC elects its first Female President

Some said it was predestined, others predicted and as usual many declared it impossible. Yesterday 30th April 2018, in the life of HTU SRC, it all happened in the year the school was 50 years old.

Seasons come and go, where the men dominated the office of HTU SRC Presidency. Now or never said the one female in the person of Vera Fafa Agbenya. Gender, will have a second glance at the seat of the SRC Presidency.

The last two weeks has been keen. Whenever, student elections are taking place it becomes fierce with so many campaigns here and there. Oppositions found in every group of students you see around.

The awareness and enthusiasm of this year’s election in HTU, was more intense than recent years because there was a lady vying for the highest office, the Presidency.

She had a running mate in the person of, John Sabla. It was the first time in many years a lady has to rub shoulders with the men for such a position.

Bright Delali Atakuma was the man to beat after the vetting saw only two candidates ready for the ballot.

At the end of it all, Vera won in all three pollen stations by 1,245 votes signifying 51.6% as against Bright Delali Atakuma’s 1,1140 representing 47.2%. Something, many will call a landslide victory.

The incumbent President, Mr. Frederick Cobby Mudey expressed his view that “It is an honour handing over as the jubilee President to a history President. I always fight for women empowerment and I think , the time has come where people are hearing our voices, because Cape Coast Technical University recorded their female President elect few days to our history.
It is my believe that, she will deliver as expected from her in order to dispute the critics of women not being able to withstand pressure from such an office.”

Courage Christson Tetteh former HTU SRC General Secretary 2013/2014 shared a great point of view after the elections “In the month of May, the current Women Commissioner, Lily Dzamesi along with Global Shapers Ho Hub, LIFE-MAC Network Foundation, Feminine Star Africa and Barcamp Ho, launched a Woman Acceleration Summit to commemorate the International Women Day and pressed for the progress of women.

It is therefore not surprising to hear that a female President has been elected following this event. The institution has had its first female Rector some 4 years ago when it was still Ho Polytechnic. At this point, we can only hope that the SRC President elect, Vera will work hard and prove to the world that the woman is also capable of handle responsibilities that have hitherto appeared to be a preserve for men. We should expect more capable women represented in the various SRC committees.

According to a report by World Economic Forum, the gender gap is said yo take 200 years to close. A report recently released by UN Women shows that only 23% percent of women in leadership and on 4% are CEO is of Fortune 500 companies. So one can obviously say reports such as this from HTU, makes gender advocates like myself excited.”

History will have this written down and many will recall such memories of how the impossible dream was made possible. Yes, history has it that she wasn’t the first lady to try the Presidency but she will be the first to walk into that office heads high.


Source: Patrick Oppong-Sekyere Mensah

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