I can never go broke, I am only babysitting – Mawuli YoungGod

The container money hitmaker Mawuli YoungGod has responded to a swipe taken at him by radio cum master of ceremonies – Bismark Sellally Lawson on social media.

In a Facebook post, Sellally inquired why the artiste no longer post videos of himself sharing money on social media, flaunting his fleet of cars and building and whether he has released any new song in recent times.

So, where is Mawuli YoungGod? What happened to the container money? Been long I chanced upon videos of him sharing money. Anything the matter? Never seen, at least in recent times videos of his mansions and fleet of cars too. I hope the cars are there though? Any new song from his camp that I am unaware of? I wish him well. We are still proud of him regardless


In response to the post by Sellally, using the same medium, Facebook, Mawuli said only empty barrels make the most noise which presupposes that his unprecedented silence is rather brought about by such philosophies and not what people including Sellally are thinking. He further stated that the most significant thing to him now is to sit his son and become a responsible.

My spiritual name is “sea never dry”. You know what that means? I can never go broke. Secondly only empty barrels makes the most noise. I pass that level. I took time off to baby sit my son and being a responsible father is all that matters to me at this juncture of my life. My EP #BOI4ROMVOLTA is coming ✌️✊❤️

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