I don’t think juju caused Dogboe’s defeat against Navarette” – Kofi Basie Jnr

Paul Dogboe, father and trainer of former Ghanaian World Super-bantamweight Champion, Isaac Dogboe, has blamed his son’s second consecutive loss to Mexican fighter, Emmanuel Navarette, on ‘juju’ (black magic). Isaac Dogboe lost his second professional career fight to the Mexican despite going the entire 12 rounds months after being knocked out at the Madison Square Garden.

According to Paul, after performing some traditional chieftaincy rituals for his son, a juju man (witch doctor) predicted that Isaac Dogboe was going to knock down his opponent in round 2. However, a man of God who disapproved of Paul’s action told him it would be impossible for his son to win the fight after the said traditional initiation. Paul Dogboe noted that despite seeing his son train very hard for the re-match, he had doubts about his chances of winning the belt again after performing the rites.

However, in an interview on Sports Center on the Global Morning Show, with host Christian Chibueze, Kofi Basie Jnr, a boxing analyst and CEO of KBOX TV, says he disagrees with Paul Dogboe’s assertion.

“I believe in supernatural powers but at the same time I am of the view that there is no black magic in boxing. I think you are training and the opponent is also training. Like we all see in boxing, one punch can always change everything in a ring. I don’t think the ancestral rituals Dogboe was involved in caused anything in that fight,” he said.

He opined that the training regime states that the Volta region is one of the best place in the country to train due to its mountainous landscape.

“I think the Volta Region has some of the best mountains in Ghana where you can test your fitness and build your cardio to get that standing ground. I don’t think Dogboe was going to Togbe Badu’s house every day to do anything because the palace had their own people to do their rituals. You had a task ahead of you to reclaim your title and decided to come train in Ghana for the rematch which means you must make sure you meet your target. If you went to a prophet and he said you would lose, you had to do something extraordinary to win. I don’t think Top Rank boss, Bob Arum, and the international front will take this serious,” he added.

Isaac has been attempting to relaunch his career and was scheduled to fight in April but the coronavirus pandemic has made it impossible for him to stage a comeback. However the former world champion relishes a third chance to redeem his image.

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