“I have never lied to my country” – JJ Rawlings

Former president Jerry John Rawlings has admonished all Ghanaians to cultivate the values of honesty and candour. He charged all well-meaning citizens to endeavour to abide by the principles of probity and accountability so that they can, in turn, hold their leaders to their own words and demand same from them.

He made this remark in a brief address to a gathering of mourners and sympathizers at the residence of the Volta Regional Chairman of the NDC, Thursday November 14. The former president had paid a courtesy call on Hon. Henry Kojo Ametefee to commiserate with him over the loss of his wife, Mrs. Victoria Adzagli Ametefee.
According to the former president, he has never lied to his country and he does not intend to start now.

I can say in all confidence they I’ve never lied to this country, not even while I was president; and certainly not now. And so when I recently heard an eminent traditional ruler espouse the value of honesty, I realised, more than ever, that this virtue that some of us have decided to clothe ourselves with, is a valuable asset,” he said.

He said he was not bothered when people chastise him for speaking the bitter truth. According o him, this is what makes the real difference because if we must make the desired progress as a nation, then now more than ever, citizens must learn the value of honesty and integrity.

Most of the things I complain about are known to many statesmen, yet they won’t talk. Some of us have chosen the path of truth and we don’t bother much about the backlash. And why should I refrain from speaking the truth? I’Il not lie, and I most certainly not engage in thievery. These virtues are precious, and they are dear to God’s own heart. And these are what provokes God’s blessing upon all of us. But then it seems as though some people view these same values [in others] as inimical to their selfish parochial interests. And so we have to protect ourselves, but it’s not that easy,” he added.

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