“I live with misery everyday” – JJ Rawlings

The former president of the republic of Ghana and founder of the National Democratic Congress, Ft. Lt. J.J Rawlings, has expressed outrage over the growing cloud of unfairness and injustice enveloping the country. He said he is in a state of perpetual misery in light of such wanton disregard for equity and national cohesion.

President Rawlings was addressing a gathering of mourners and well wishers during his courtesy call on the Volta Regional Chairman of the NDC, Hon. Henry Kojo Ametefee, who had recently lost his wife.

Sometimes when I talk, some of you don’t exactly get me. You have all gathered here today to mourn with our brother, and so you are engulfed with misery at this very moment. You think it’s the same for all of us? You think all of us are choked with misery only when we lose loved ones? I live with misery everyday! I suffer a lot of anguish when I see some people take us for granted; especially so when such mistreatment is facilitated by unscrupulous elements amongst us who should know better,” he said.

The former president lashed out at office holders and leaders of society who use their powers to perpetuate ethnocentrism. He expressed misgivings about a seeming subtle ethnocentric injustice being dealt people of Volta extraction. He cited many instances of such injustice and called on Voltarians to refrain from making themselves willing tools in the hands of those who seek to relegate them to the background.

He lamented the culture of inequality in the disbursement of collective resources, a situation he says was non-existent in times past.

If care is not taken, we shall always be the beneficiaries of crumbs that fall from the dinner table. Let’s be watchful and speak out against some of these injustices, because it did not use to be the case in times past. There was always equity and everyone had a seat at the dinner table.,” he said.

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