I’m a better rapper than Keeny Ice, Kula, Hecta et al – Seyfame

What makes a great rapper has always been a highly debated topic over the years. The reason why every rapper proclaims his/her supremacy in their jurisdiction until the “bar for bar” battle is before them.
Volta’s finest hip hop star Seyfame have blatantly mentioned he’s a better rapper than fellows in the  ‘Best Rapper of The Year’ category of the just launched Volta Music Awards.
He was talking on the #VMAMoments segment on Global Drive with host Bright Ellis on 8th February, 2018.
When asked what about him makes him feel he can win that nod easily, he said ” My work speaks for me, lyrically I am better than my contenders. I am a better rapper than Keeny Ice, Kula, Hecta and all other guys in that category. Hence I deserve to win”.
Is Seyfame a better rapper than these aforementioned rappers, or it’s one of rapper’s braggadocio thingy?
However, the rapper added he will do more commercial songs this year due to his management’s decision to get the ‘buzz and bucks’. How can you be called a conscious/great rapper but you don’t get paid? It’s for that reason I am switching the style up, so I get paid.
Listen to the Interview Below;
Source: Prince K Afedo (StandOut Entertainment)

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