“Integrity and Boldness are our heritage, let’s protect it well” – Rawlings to Voltarians

The former president, of the republic of Ghana, Jerry John Rawlings, has admonished citizens of he Volta region to stay true to their God-given virtues of integrity and courage. He said these were traits that were naturally imbued into ever Voltarian and naturally course through their blood.

Its a common blessing for us as a people to have such strength of purpose and character, don’t use it to divide yourselves. It’s a blessing to be united and strong. Know how to use it to unify and help one another. Because if we don’t do this, our own people will take us for a ride.

“We don’t have riches, we are not thieves and we don’t know how to lie; what we have are our boldness, our courage and truthfulness. Let’s not let dishonesty rob us of these valuable virtues. This is who we are as a people, and these are all we have; it would be unwise to allow ourselves be deprived of these ones too.”

He lamented the culture of inequality in the disbursement of collective resources, a situation he says was non-existent in times past.

If care is not taken, we shall always be the beneficiaries of crumbs that fall from the dinner table. Let’s be watchful and speak out against some of these injustices, because it did not use to be the case in times past. There was always equity and everyone had a seat at the dinner table.,” he said.

The former president make these remarks on the occasion of a courtesy call on the Volta Regional Chairman of the NDC, Hon. Henry Kojo Ametefee, to convey his condolences to him over the demise of his wife.

He charged Voltarians to endeavour to reawaken in them their natural traits of truthfulness and candour. He said these were traits that came naturally to any Voltarian, and that the real Voltarian would always choose to stand by the truth even in the face of obvious danger.

All of us Ewes come from a land where dishonesty and thievery are bothered by the very earth upon which we walk. For this reason I can say, in all confidence and pride, that we [Ewes] are the pillar of Ghana’s political life.”

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