Jail breakers, one recaptured and two others in manhunt – Police Service in Dabala

The Dabala Police in the Volta Region have recaptured one remand prisoner by name Azumah Mawuli and in search of two others who escaped from lawful custody on Sunday 21, November 2021.

All three inmates in police cell namely; Yakubu Abdullah age 24 (18yrs convict awaiting covid-19 results), remand prisoners Mawuli Azumah and Sena Torme on murder charges escaped at night after they broke cell by creating a hole in the wall.

Speaking to the press, DSP Effiah Tengey, the head of Public Affairs Unit at Volta Regional Police command said ” Drastic search was mounted leading to the recapture of Azumah Mawuli, at Vekon in Sogakope upon a tip off”.

Efforts are underway to get the two others. The police is appealing to the public to assist with every information in recapturing the two fugitives – she appeal

_Story Frank Kwame Abbor_

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