John Mahama Calls out President Akufo Addo 

The former president of the republic of Ghana and the presidential candidate of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) during the 2020 election is on a thank you tour in the Volta Region.

He is to meet the good people of the region and say thank you for the enumous support he and the NDC have been receiving from them. Speaking on Global Morning Show, on Global 105.1 fm this morning, Mr. John Mahama touched on pressing issues such as attitudes of the ruling government, Ejura issue, Ayawaso West Wagon buhaha, NPP executives, the arm twisting during the last 2020 election among others and urged them to stop the arrogance and careless comments.

He sighted Lord Commey an NPP member who made arrogant comments like “It’s about power, NPP will not handover power” he asked what kind of democracy is NPP fostering in this country?

“When the arrogance of power sets in, you will hear how people begin to speak careless and recklessly”

He said arrogance of power has gotten to the NPP Party.

Mr. John Mahama argues that the power should rather translate to the will and the welfare of the people

“You cannot say you will only hand over to an NPP president. It is not your will; it is the will of God and the People of Ghana”

It is the surveiling will of the people of Ghana who elect leaders to serve not their will, Mahama states.

Story by Frank Kwame Abbor

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