Let’s honour and treasure our loved ones while they are alive” – Ex-president Rawlings

The founder of the National Democratic Congress and former president of Ghana, Ft. Lt. Jerry John Rawlings has admonished couples to build their union on mutual love, respect and fellow-feeling. He says this is especially crucial since we shall not have these loved ones around us forever.

Let’s endeavour to treasure and honour our loved ones while they are alive and here with us, because those all that we have. We should learn to treat our elders with respect and honour such that when they are gone, we would not mourn them with regret and the thought of what could have been and what we could have done differently,” he admonished.

President Rawlings was addressing a gathering of mourners and well wishers during his courtesy call on the Volta Regional Chairman of the NDC, Hon. Henry Kojo Ametefee, who had recently lost his wife.
He averred that when people treat their spouses right, even in the unfortunate event of their demise, one can take solace in the fact that they had done right by the departed and by God.

Most importantly, let’s all, as married couples, learn to give our spouses the needed love and attention. As our brother mourns today, I’m sure only he can tell how much he loved and treasured his wife, whether he truly treasured her the way he should. If he didn’t, I can assure you that the regret of that blender will haunt him forever. But if, on the other hand he truly did right by her, then his sorrow, though no less heavy, would be placated by the satisfaction of a job well done,” he added.

He charged Ghanaians to endeavour to accord people the needed respect and dignity that is due them so that in the unfortunate event that these people pass on, we shall not live our lives in regret

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