Mama Nyamanlobe (I) Calls For Support For Dzolo Traditional Area

The Queen Mother of Dzolo Gborgame in the Ho West District of the Volta Region, Mama Nyamanlobe (I) has called on potential development partners, donor agencies, and the general public to come and partner Dzolo for its developmental agenda.

The Royal Highness in an interview with GOSA GH TV , revealed she was installed at a tender age of 16 years which by then she was in middle school form 2 , and was then staying with an Aunty at Dzolo Gborgame.

She share with the station how she was picked at the very dawn that she was sleeping by the Aunty she was staying with and she heard a male voice calling the Aunty and she wake up the Aunty and she open the door , upon opening the door she saw three men and all that she could see was one of the men poured some thing like a powder on her and they carried her on his neck and started shouting and carried her to a room for 9 good days for the neccessary customs to be perform.

Mama Nyamanlobe I revealed the journey of the 52 years on the throne has been very interesting as she agreed it came with both success and challenges as well but in all she said she give thanks to God for everything and how far she has reached.

Her Royal Highness has commanded the women in Dzolo Traditional Area on how hard working they are to support their husband and the family, she revealed most of the women are petty traders and farmers and very committed to it and really need some form of support to expand their businesses and farms to be able to make more income in supporting the family . She said Education is the order of the day it is in the said direction that she always advice parents to work hard in making sure they support and sponsors their children education to the highest standard they need to go .

Mama Nyamanlobe I made it known that after middle school she decided to learn bread baking which she has been doing and also along side farming and trading and she do that with great commitments alongside her official role as a Queen Mother .

She used the opportunity to urge the youths to desist from all form of social vices and concentrate on their education and trades to always be a good citizen and be very much discipline in every thing they do as that is the best way to secure a good future.

She concluded by calling on development partners, donor agencies, Government Agencies, Organizations, Churches, Philanthropists and the general public to come on board to partner Dzolo Traditional area in promoting its developmental agendas , she stated that one of the immediate thing she want to complete before the year ends is to lobby for resources to fully equip the Maternity ward of Dzolo Health Center which was renovated by her during her 50th anniversary celebration on the throne which was supported by the vibrant Dzolo Youth Association ( DYA) , she said the manager’s at the facility have brought to her attention some of the urgent needs of the ward again and it is her desire to help resolve that as a matter of urgency.

She revealed she will soon be launching her Foundation to help her source for logistics all over the world in helping carry out a lot of development and also will give much attention to the girl child education and women empowerment.

She thanks GOSA GH TV and also asked the station to continue the partnerships they start to build with Dzolo and as well help in all ways in making Dzolo visible and as well promote its activities.

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