Military Deployment tells NPP’s Ingrained Discrimination Against Voltarians – NDC

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) has accused the ruling New Patriotic Party of tribal bigotry and ethnocentrism targeted at people of the Volta region.

At a Press conference addressed by MP for Ketu South and many other speakers, the NDC attributed the mass deployment of military personnel to the Ketu South and other border towns of the Volta region to what it calls the NPP’s perennial discrimination against the people of the Volta Region.

The press conference follows the massive military presence in the Eastern frontiers of Oti Region, Northern Region, Upper East Region, and Upper West Region. The NDC says it is no coincidence that all these places, arguably strongholds of the party, are witnessing this machinations.

“The bottom line is that as far as the NPP is concerned, the people of the Volta region are foreigners; The Ewes are not Ghanaians,” Fiifi Kwertey told the press during his address, adding “to understand the real reason behind this massing up of military and other security personnel in the Ketu South and other towns of the Volta region, it is important that we try to help the nation to see the big picture. This big picture is NPP’s perennial discrimination against the people of the Volta region.”

According to the National Democratic Congress, the NPP’s blatant hatred for Ewes is deeply grounded in historical antecedents, and if one understood this, there would be no surprise whatsoever with what’s happening in Ketu South.

“A member of the [NPP] took President Rawlings to court over claims that he was not a Ghanaian. The mother of President Rawlings is from Keta in the Volta region. He was born in the Gold Coast in 1947.

He served this country as an air force officer; became the head of state of this beloved country. Despite all these, the NPP deemed him not good enough to be a Ghanaian- after all in the view of NPP, who have always believed they are the “owners of Ghana”, Keta is not part of Ghana,” Fiifi Kwertey said, adding “President Rawlings, despite hailing from Keta in the Volta region, was deemed not to be a Ghanaian, why is anyone in shock when we state that the NPP has an ingrained belief that the people of Volta region are aliens and therefore should not be allowed to determine the political destiny of Ghana?”

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