NDC Regional Executive Elections: “Just step down and support me”; James Gunu tells opponents

With the vetting of aspirants for the various executive positions of the Volta Regional chapter of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) currently underway, the quest by aspirants to woo delegates is apparently being taken a notch higher as aspirants devise various strategies to achieve this goal.

A former Chief Executive for the Akatsi North District, and Volta Regional NDC Secretary hopeful, James Gunu, in a rather unusual bravado, has called on fellow contenders in the Regional Secretary race to suspend their quest and rather join forces with him to annex the portfolio so as to better place the party toward the 2020 general elections.

James Gunu, generally tipped out of three others, including the incumbent, as the favorite for the position, is capitalizing on what he described as his tremendous contribution towards the advancement of the opposition political party in the region.

He says his vision, among others, include the strengthening of the grassroots of the NDC in order to deliver the expected votes for the party, training of the party communicators and the use of modern technology to improve the communications outfit of the party in the Volta Region.

Mr. Gunu places considerable emphasis on the communications machinery of the party especially since poor communication and lack of motivation for the party’s communicators, especially in the Volta region, were among factors that occasioned the electoral misfortune of the umbrella fraternity in the 2016 general elections.

“All that I’ve said are very good things that are part of my vision, and I don’t think that the incumbent or any of my fellow contenders have these ideas; they don’t have them.

They better rally behind me so that we’ll do it together to win 2020 elections because of the vision that I have. The vision is a good vision for this party and these are fresh and innovative ideas that I’m coming with, and I believe strongly that this is what the party needs this time because the grassroots is very important; that is where the action is.

I am a grassroots person, I have lived with the grassroots,” he averred.

Mr. James Gunu also said the Regional Research Unit, under his leadership,will be decentralized to be abreast with issues affecting the party even at the branch level.

“I also want us to decentralize the research unit of the party to the regional level and then to the constituencies because politics has got to a stage that whatever organization you do, it must be research-based so that you know the kind of information you can put across, what the people need, what they want and what they do not want.

This then can inform your manifesto because without research, you’ll just be operating in the dark; you’ll not have a direction, and so it’s one of my main aims”.

James Gunu, who is running against a former Member of Parliament as well as the incumbent, says the latter has exhausted all ideas, having already offered whatever he has to the party during his tenure.

“I think he has done his best, the time has come for a new leader to emerge and take the party forward so I’m appealing to him to just park because he has done all that he can, there’s no new thing he’s bringing on board and if we continue to do the old things, we’ll have old results and the old results are not helping the party. I’m coming up with new strategies, new vision that carries hope for the party moving into the 2020 elections”.

Meanwhile, the NDC’s Regional Executive Conference, which was originally scheduled for August 25, 2018, has been rescheduled for September 1, 2018.


Source: Globalfmonline.com/ 105.1/ Kofi Gamor

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