NSS personnel cry over unlawful deductions

A group calling itself Concerned National Service Personnel has raised concerns over what they term as unlawful deduction of money from their monthly service allowance.

Secretary to the group , Bright Delali Attakumah, made this revelation on the Global Morning Show on Thursday 30 April 2020. In an interaction with host Edudzi Randy Ahadzi, Mr. Attakumah asserted that service personnel were not informed ahead of time before the deduction was made and that, for them, is unacceptable. The said deduction of Fifty Ghana Cedis (Ghc 50.00) which was slapped on each of the 80,000 personnel nationwide, was supposed payment for the National Service cloth. Even so, some personnel in the Volta Region and other parts of the country still did not get theirs.

We are not happy with the Secretariat for deducting monies from our allowances; we see it as unlawful and cannot accept it,” he said.

Mr. Attakumah added that they have petitionrd CHRAJ to look into the case and dispense justice where it is due .

Let me tell you this, for your information, even though the money was deducted, some personnel haven’t received their cloth, we are therefore petitioning CHRAJ to help us unravel what constitutes the deduction and also a copy has been sent to NSS,” he added.

Meanwhile, fact-checking conducted by Global FM Thursday April 30, 2020 revealed that at the time of publication of this story, the NSS Secretariat was yet to officially receive their copy of the said petition.

Find below the full petition from the group:

Petition Document

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