Picketing Allied Nurses reject Health Ministry’s deadline

Hundreds of allied health graduate nurses who have picketed at the ministry of Health to demand immediate posting have rejected the Ministry’s Friday deadline to clear them for posting.

This is the second time that the graduates have picketed at the premises. The health professionals accused the deputy minister of not honouring her word when she earlier promised they were going to be posted within a week.

“You were here last two weeks, you met me and I promised you, I took some of your numbers that I will call you and since we have not gone to sleep on it. I have been on the Finance Ministry to make sure you have your clearance, the whole of last week I was checking on it for you. I don’t want to see you like this, the government doesn’t want to see you like this, your clearance is going to be signed but I will give you up to Friday and  your clearance will be ready,” the deputy health minister said.

But her assurances did not go down well with the health professionals. President of the Coalition, Solomon Yeboah said they will not move from the ministry until they receive their clearance.

“Last two weeks when we met here she took our numbers that she will call us she never called us, if we want assurances we would have done that on the phone, we don’t trust her promises anymore and we are not being difficult, we want justice, we gave them a whole week nothing was done and they waited for us to come back to picket before she assured us again no, we won’t go away until Friday.”



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