Pull Down White Jesus Pictures – Fuse ODG Advocates

Afrobeats artiste Fuse ODG has advised that every church should take down wall arts and paintings that represent Jesus Christ.

In an Instagram video, he burnt one to send his message across saying the “false image” representing God “cuts” Africans from their spirituality and their ancestors.

According to him, the white Jesus image is the seed that gave birth to bleaching, Rwanda genocide, Adolf Hitler and a number of things.

He said hanging the images in homes and churches is idolatry which is against the bible and Christianity. He advised that God should be worshiped in “spirit and in truth”.

“As Africans, we can hope that the oppressors can do the right thing but we cannot depend on it. We need to take our fate into our own hands. We have the responsibility to deal with our own truth and it starts with this,” he said raising the image of Jesus adding that “this is the seed that gave birth to Hitler and his doctrine. This is the seed that gave birth to the KKK, the apartheid in South Africa, the Rwandan genocide…”

“This is not even biblical. If you read the bible it specifically tells us not to create any images in the form of a man or a woman or any creature on earth. This is idolatry and again if you read the bible there’s nothing that God hates more than idol worship. We need to take down these false images and worship God in spirit and in truth. This needs to be taken down from every single church in Africa,” he advised.

Watch the video below:

Source: ghanaweekend.com


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