Randy writes: A letter to my grandpa Martin Amidu

Hello grandpa Martin Amidu, a.k.a Citizen Vigilante, I bring you fervent greetings in the name of our maker.

My name is Edudzi Randy Ahadzi, the small boy who has been a long time admirer of your personality and your dispensation of work.

Sir, this is the first time I am writing to you. I am one of those you have mentored indirectly through your very sharp pen. I used to follow you with keen interest and have gained vast level of confidence in using some of your flamboyant vocabularies.

Your appreciation of the law is breathtaking and your stance when it comes to legal and constitutional matters is inimitable, so as your penchant to fight corruption irrespective of who is involved. In fact, one cannot be wrong to say you are an institution.

I do not seek to embark on a praising spree but I need to cut you some slack. With all sincerity, I must confess that you are such a great writer.

Sir, I remember vividly how you chastised people in governance and purportedly exposed some ‘corrupt’ acts of some of them that even gave you some accolades like ‘anti corruption crusader and ‘citizen vigilante ‘ etc.

I was among the people who celebrated and made so much noise on your appointment as the country’s Special Prosecutor just because I thought at long last, those corrupt officials will be dealt with greatly by the almighty ‘Citizen Vigilante’.

But Sir, these past days have been haunting me badly especially how silent you have become on the numerous number of corrupt acts been perpetuated on daily basis in this country. Your loud silence can be heard even by the dead. I want to know if it’s the same Martin Amidu or the Clone version of you.

Believe me or not, I must confess that ever since your appointment as the SP, your transformation from anti corruption crusader to adversary complainer is so enormous and mind boggling.

The zeal, the passion, the willingness and energy and gravitas that pushed you to that position have all faded away like a magic wind . Hmm-mm, I feel most of us as citizens and not spectators have been betrayed by the turn of events. I must say that, I am so disappointed in you as a grandson and a men-tee most especially when I recollect how I sung Bob Marley’s, ‘we gonna chase those crazy bald heads outta the town after your appointment.

The tune has virtually turned into Shaggy’s popular hit song, “It wasn’t me” since your office has been reduced into a “blame headquarters”. It saddens my heart that most of the cases or should I say the scandalous sagas have neither been brought to you nor you just chose to ignore and sleep over like the gate-man guarding the Kpakume market?

Grandpa, perhaps, you might not be in the known of the cases but let me just remind you of the most recent one which I think should just be a case study for you and your outfit.

Sir, I’m sure you are a follower of the country’s Senior National Team, the Black Stars. If not for anything at all, you are a citizen and not a spectator. Sir, I wouldn’t want to ask how you felt when we were booted out of the AFCON 2019 in Egypt because your response won’t be far different from mine but my worry and pain is how the Sports Minister blatantly presented a sketch to us as money spent at the AFCON.

Sir, I hope you followed that proceeding. I think it was so dishonest on the side of the Sports Minister to have presented such raw figures to the country. A country that goes to foreign countries to borrow similar amount for development projects?

Goooosssshhhh! Sir, can you please take up this case, haul the minister to your office, find out how many people were flown to Egypt as spectators, how many were accommodated, fed and paid per dimes as captured in his budget breakdown? Find out from him what he meant by ‘additional technical staff.

My knowledge in the game of Africa cup is quite vast and I know that CAF made allocation for 23 players with 17 technical handlers in the areas of accommodation, feeding & TNT so let’s know the other figures and not just any raw budget. I smell a rat in the sports minister’s presentation and this needs total scrutiny.

Grandpa, let me not bore you much with my long essay. I will like to end here but I will like to indicate that I do not write with any malicious intent but to alert you on the matters arising from the abysmal AFCON showcase by the Black Stars, which has perhaps eluded you. I take so much inspiration from your numerous write-ups on several alleged corruption cases.

It is sad to see the reputation of my mentor being washed away by his inability to prosecute just a single ‘corrupt ‘ person ever since he took that position.

Hmmmm, were those screams and yells all vindictiveness? I humbly cross my fingers to see how grandpa Martin Amidu will handle this case. Like I said, this could be a case study.


My best regards
Your grandson Edudzi Randy Ahadzi


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