The natural desire for recognition, the bane of our gullibility towards Awards – Prince Benjamin

One of the personalities lined up for the Youth Cafe Show on Global 105.1 FM on Saturday 12th September 2020 is Chauffeur Prince Benjamin also known as PB, the host of Class Drive on Class 91.3 FM in Accra.

PB who joined the show via phone-in said a number of things regarding the proliferation of award schemes in Ghana. He said awards have always been about business but because of the natural desires to be recognized, we are getting to know about it more in 2020.

business side to awards has always been there but 2020 seems to be highlighting it, it is more glaring now than before

Responding to a question concerning Dr. Fodjour and his UN Awards and why the recipients of the awards are being trolled, the presenter who has shared his views on the subject on his social media since the news about the awards being fake broke said, he thinks Dr. Fodjour is an enigma, a strange figure that most of them in the media are having to learn about.

He also said he does not understand how just one man was able to make a fool out of such high profile members of our society and how come also the public is getting to know about the awards only after the seventh edition? He quizzed.

The Dr. Fodjour incident questions security and it should wake us up especially when it comes to these award schemes because my school of thought is that those who are doing real work are not those who are being rewarded. And if you are not awarded, it does not mean that you are not doing well.

That is not to say everyone who has received an award did not deserve it. But if you juxtapose those who win awards in this country and those who don’t win, it will tell you that it is a matter of the numbers that you have and those who are ready to part with money to see you win these awards”

Touching on due diligence on the part of recipients, PB said people must ask questions, they must be patient enough to look into things to know more about award schemes before subscribing to them.

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