There are Many Opportunities this Year But – Rev. Liberty Doe

The head pastor of the Holy Trinity A. M. E Zion Church in Ho, Reverend Liberty Doe has called on his congregants and Ghanaians to work hard and go beyond measures to attain their great opportunities in this new year.

He spoke on the theme, ‘You have not passed this way before’. He made this comments known during the church’s 31st night service in Ho. “There are many opportunities for grabs but you must be ready to work hard and sacrifice enough to achieve all your goals, you must set your eyes on the covenant at all times and give your best”.

The Reverend minister who is noted for his Holiness preaching also admonished his members to walk hand in hand with God at all times and never relent on their attitude towards the worshiping of Christ and asked them not to remain as just church goers but rather active Christians, “don’t look back when you have set goals for yourself, walk with Christ in everything you do at all times, you must never look back but rather face the challenge and have faith in God”.

Reverend Doe, advised his members to be courageous at all times and prophesied that God will do marvelous things in the year 2019.He admonished the youths to remain humble at all times so as to attain their set goals, “for the Bible spoke of humility as one of God’s commandments, you are the future generations and you must all remain humble to the elderly, your peers and even the younger ones”.

“Humility will take you places and open greater doors for you, be committed to the growth of the church “. The Reverend also touched on how Christianity has turned out to be in the country,” Christianity has turned into a hide and seek game, which is so wrong, serving God should never be a game, look up to God and pray whenever you have a problem, don’t jump from one church to the other in searching for God “.

He also said the work of God is based on team work and entreated all members to come on board and build a bigger and better church.

The presiding elder of the church, Reverend P. E. T Sefogah who was present at the service also stressed on the need for the members to remain committed at all times and called for unity among members. He told them to pray unceasingly for God listens to prayers and answers accordingly.


Source: Randy Edudzi Ahadzi /V1 TV /Global FM

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