There Can Be No Effective Education In The Near Future Without IT – TUC Boss

Trade Union Congress (TUC) made a representation on the 13th Quadrennial National Delegate Conference and made it clear that they are very impressed by the commitment of NAGRAT leaders to the cause of promoting and protecting the interests of teachers.

Dr. Yaw Baah who is the General Secretary of TUC touched on the theme ” _Confronting the future of education through information technology: A Clarion call to teachers and managers of education_ ” and states that it is the right theme for a conference of this nature. We all know the Central role of IT in our lives.

The future is unknown but it is becoming clear that there can be no effective education in the near future without IT. That means teachers must develop the relevant IT skills to be effective. Every teacher has to develop IT skills that are relevant for his/her job. Managers of education also have an important role to play. They must ensure that teachers have the opportunity to develop IT skills. That means the necessary IT facilities and training should be made available to teachers.*

To “Confront” means to face up to and deal with a challenge – he urged
How is NAGRAT and other Teacher Unions going to face up to the challenge of the poor IT standards in the education sector and the lack of IT skills among teachers? Teachers Unions have to work closely with other stakeholders, including Managers of education and employers, to ensure that teachers have access to IT training. – Dr. Yaw Baah advised.

He mentioned that this can only be achieved through constant engagement/dialogue among all stakeholders. He urged the leaders of NAGRAT to continue to work with other teachers inorder to defend the interests of teachers not only acquisition of IT skills, but even more importantly to improve the salaries and conditions of service of teachers.

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