Thousands Climax The Yuletide With V1-TV BorborborFest ’19

Scores of patrons and lovers of the Ewes’ indigenous borborbor, have had their appetites thoroughly sated at the grand finale of the V1TV/Heritage Group Borborbor Festival 2019.

The event, first of its kind, kicked into full gear on 27 November, 2019 with preliminary contests among various groups across the Volta region. The region (for the purposes of the contest) was partitioned into five zones – Ho, Awudome, Hohoe and Kpando zones (in the central enclave) and Akatsi (in the southern enclave).


The opening contest in the Ho zone saw the zonal winners, Unity Band (from Dodome Avexa in the Ho West District) beat off competition from their Dodome compatriots, Dodome Teleafenu Borborbor Group (the 2nd runner up) and the Agbenunyale Group from Adaklu Torda Afeyiyiame in the Adaklu District (1st runner up). The fourth competing group from Lume Ge, was eliminated as, per the rules of engagement, only three groups (in each zone) could progress through to the grand finale.


Judges then pitched camp at the Hohoe zone. Hohoe wasn’t much of a thriller as only two (Dzigbordi Borborbor Group of Bowiri and Mile Norvisi group of Gbi Kpeme) out of the five groups that had registered to participate, turned up. And so although the contest took place nonetheless, both groups had to progress to the next stage.

Then came the biggest thriller yet – Awudome zone. The contest here saw a number of heavyweights like the Ho Bankoe Asorgli Unity & Love Band, Nutifafa Borborbor group from Kayira, Maranatha Group from Awudome Anyirawase, slugging it out for the enviable number one slot. In the end, it was the Nutifafa Group (who, unknowingly, had just begun a glorious journey to the ultimate crown) who made the mark; beating the Asorgli ‘boys and girls’ (1st runner up) and the Maranatha landlords (2nd runner up) while dooming all others to suffer elimination!


Kpando zone’s contest was won by the Dunenyo group of Gbefi Tornu, followed by the Mawuena and Mile Norvisi groups of Aveme and Kpando Dafor respectively, with the Nutifafa Group of Wusuta falling off.


The Volta Paradise Hotel in Akatsi played host to four groups – Dzidefo and Mawulikplim groups from Akatsi South, the Royal Youth Club from Agbedrafor and the Nutifafa Group from Gefia. In the end, the Nutifafa Group of Gefia was adjudged the zonal champions while the Royal Youth Club and Dzidefo clinched the 2nd and 3rd slots respectively.


The days and weeks leading up to Thursday, December 26 were quite suspense-filled as each of these groups; giants in their own right made fervent preparations towards the grand finale.

The event, which aired on Volta 1 TV and Global 105.1 FM in Ho, and streamed live on Facebook to over thirty thousand anxious viewers all over the world, was eventually climaxed at the Woezor Hotel, in Ho, with two stages of contest among twelve groups (Dzidefo Group from Akatsi zone and Kpando Dafor Mile Norvisi group from the Kpando zone were unable to turn up).


As fate would have it, it was the arch-rivals of the Awudome zone (Nutifafa Group of Kayira and the Asorgli Unity and Love Band of Ho Bankoe) who would see fate deal them a similar hand it dealt them in the prelims as the Ho West giants of Kayira, once again, relegated the Ho Bankoe drama enthusiasts to a third position to claim the much-coveted cash prize of Two thousand Ghana Cedis (Ghc 2,000) with the latter settling for the third prize of One thousand Ghana Cedis (Ghc 1,000). The Ho zonal champions of Dodome Avexa (Unity Band) secured the second spot and went home with a sum of One thousand five hundred Ghana Cedis (Ghc 1,500)


In an interview, the Chief Executive Officer of Globafest Group, Mrs. Dzifa Aku Attivor, assured patrons that the event had come to stay and would be repeated annually to bolster the thresholds of cultural vibrancy among the youth and to market the rich cultural heritage of the Volta region to the rest of the world.


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