Mr.President  a warm greetings from my small corner to you and your elephantine 110 government size.I hope and pray that with these men,Ghana will be a better place for us all but for now l can see their worth.

Mr.President,while preparing and embarking on my life journey,I gained not only much new knowledge and experience but also the confidence to elaborate on this unemployment issues that has been our country’s mayhem especially to our fresh and old graduates for a while now.

As a matter fact,during the last two years, I have spent most of my time carrying out a research and attending a number of extra-curricular lectures and seminars in order to equip myself with an international standard so that, I could be able to serve my beloved mother Ghana one day but little did I know that an opportunity will not be made available for me to display all that I have acquired thus (knowledge and experience).

Out of curiosity l took a great interest to revisit your 2016 manifesto,the new patriotic party and l happened to set my eyes on about four(4)to six (6) paragraph touching categorically on issues directly relating to  unemployment and how best and fast this government will remedy it when given the mandate by the masses which you were given massively.

Mr.President,to my mind it is of key importance to have possibilities to solve this unemployment issues as a matter of emergency through the private sector as you promised the unemployment graduates during your campaign tours then in opposition .

I also believe that,your good self and your veep are the greatest shareholders regarding to the manifesto therefore nothing in and out is new to you.NO DOUBT ABOUT IT!!!.

Mr.President,l will also like to  draw your attention concerning  some facts and figures of unemployment history of our beloved country.

The Ghana living Standards Survey  and the 2000 Ghana  population and housing census  shows that,the youth unemployment is largely contracted in the urban areas.

The data shows that the youth unemployment rate was as high as 30.8 percent in Accra compared to 11.5 percent in the rural areas and 23.5 percent in other urban areas.

His Excellency, I have assembled,mastered  and understood that,many of our former Presidents ranging from Dr.kwami Nkrumah down to the immediate past President,John Dramani Mahama a very visionary leader have managed to reduced the level of unemployment rate with their small size of Ministers,Presidential Staffers and State Protocols.

Mr.President since you have decided to appoint such a huge number of ministers which have never occurred in the political dispensation of this country’s political history before and something that must be in  Guinness Book Of Records, one can hope that the majority of the nation’s problem is going to be rectified with regards to the unemployment related issues but no show.

Mr President,I think this letter is on time since another set of students are preparing to graduate to add up to the already  unemployment graduates on our streets.

His Excellency,kindly allow me  to divert your attention from the unemployment related issues to the peace, democracy and constitutional  provisions of this country.

The current happenings which has to do with the lawlessness and the daily devastating acts are just imaginable and unbelievable.

This country has been enjoying its peace since time in memorial .
Ghana has been tagged by our neighboring countries and the world as one of the peaceful country among others in Africa.

Oh! Mr President,don’t add negatively to our reputation  we beg you.

In addition,one can say with confidence,emphatically and without fear that,you are not in charge of affairs as the Commander -Chief -Of -The Ghana armed forces and also as the head of the executives

Mr President,this is a wake up call to you.We want to see the effects of your 110 ministers and their deputies and also let your actions materialized positively to the benefit of the Ghanaian people.

In conclusion,I must say that I will personally be disappointed and classify your government as incompetent,useless  reckless and a waste of time to the Ghanaian electorates
If nothing is being done with the issues of unemployment and other related issues with the  large number of your men(110 ministers).

You promised to create jobs but now just sacking youths from jobs.God is watching and writing accordingly.

God bless our homeland Ghana and make our nation great and strong.


To the office of the  President,Flagstaff House
To all Media Houses
To all TEIN Campuses

Srem Eric kojo
Outgoing TEIN President, HTU.


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