‘Unite and Reason with One Another in Reorganization Efforts’ – Dzifa Attivor to NDC Women Organizers

Former Transport Minister, Hon. Dzifa Aku Attivor, has admonished members of the National Democratic Congress, especially the women, to endeavour to refrain from all manner of acrimony and in-fighting that are occasioned by virtue of political and ideological differences. According to her, a house divided against itself cannot stand and so it was imperative for all women of the party to endeavour to make peace with every single member of the party, especially so when the NDC is poised to recapture power come December 2020.

Madam Attivor was addressing a section of Constituency Women Organizers of the party at a 2-day capacity building workshop held for the latter in Ho. She expressed her profound appreciation to the women for their individual and collective support given her during the occasion of the passing of her late husband, Mr. Raphael Napoleon Kwaku Attivor, a few weeks ago.

“We should purpose among ourselves to be united and to understand one another. Some of us are embittered against others because we contested them in an election and either lost to them or won over them. This is very unacceptable because you did not contest elections because of those people, but you did so because you belong to the NDC party. We should desist from antagonizing others merely because we perceive them as potential opponents. We need everyone on board in our reorganization drive. If we are truly prepared for power, we need to start to build bridges and learn to rope in all others in spite of our political differences,” she said.

“We should endeavour to identify party members who are really able to do the work. We are not necessarily asking that only scholars be selected for the job, but you will agree with me that we need party members who have basic appreciation of figures and so are able to identify and write same because this is essentially going to be the basis for the work they will do at the polling station on the day,” she added.

She also assured the participants of the commitment of the party’s leadership to ensuring that all technical measures are put in place to protect the ballots on the day of election.

The event, which commenced yesterday, September 25th, is set to come to an end later today, September 26th during which the speakers are expected to take participants through various strategies and preparations for the party’s reorganization drive for election 2020.

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