The Volta Music Awards 2018 – (#VMAs2018) is the maiden edition of an award scheme aimed at recognizing hard work in the Volta Region music industry.

It is aimed at motivating creators in the music industry in the Very Reliable region. It is aimed at inspiring younger artistes and unsung acts, to uncoil, challenge themselves and explore their talents in order to do more.

It is a scheme needing all the support, if we all agree that the industry in the region deserves some form of attention.

It is here, and all hands must be on deck to ensure that it stays.

Having stated these, I wish to express my irrelevant thoughts on some comments attributed to some of the nominees in the maiden showbiz competition… and I change my tone hereforth…

All those artistes who are all over the place, on radio and social media with all the noise about the VMAs and impugning the integrity of the awards scheme should be very careful the kinda hole they’re digging for themselves.

A competition will always produce winners and there’ll always be those whose expectations would not be met, people who would not be lucky enough to pick awards on the night and that “may” not be a blot on the awards and its organizers.

Just relax and remain resolute as you put in more work to improve upon your act to up your game.

Taking such a position as “if I did not pick an award on the night, it means there is something wrong with the organization of the awards”, just to play the victim and cast a slur on the scheme, is to me, an indication and an acceptance by you, that you know intrinsically that you’re not up to the competition. An inferiority complex. An indication that something is fundamentally wrong with you and your act.

If you’ve taken such a position, a bitter loser’s position, what becomes of you if you’re able to pick at least one out of maybe the multiple categories in which you’ve been nominated? Will something be wrong with that one win too?

Let’s watch it… because in the words of Agbeshie Denanya, “the VMAs is to inspire” and if you think you’re already well inspired enough, then you can start preparing for the BET and the Grammy’s.

Be careful what you wish for, because you might just get it.

What can you even do if you fail to pick an award?



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