The first laudable and well connected regional music award scheme to ‘Celebrate Volta’s Excellence’ dubbed “VOLTA MUSIC AWARDS“, is organized by EVENTIC GH in collaboration with MUSIGHA(Volta).

What else will a region full of music and it’s related talents ask for, if not a well structured award scheme to give them reasons to up their game hence pushing their craft to the zenith.

Now, we have Volta Music Awards(VMAs) as the answer to our plight. They stand strong as a scheme notwithstanding the fact that there had been other outfits that thought through and brought up similar initiatives in the past. For them I say kudos for thinking of the region’s creative arts.

The VMAs which I’ll always call the SAVIOUR of our region in respect to music, just kick starts with their maiden edition. However, it’s natural the SAVIOUR will have some shortfalls which will be curbed in subsequent editions if only they want the general public to consider the awards scheme a reputable one.

Putting ‘Volta Music Awards’ on the butcher board, I’ll look into the positives and general issues surrounding the scheme.


1. Industry Is Created- To some extent, any individual can say Volta Region has a Music industry. Others will argue otherwise but the fact still remains. One of the most significant tool that anyone can use to justify this assertion is the awards scheme and I say this because, this scheme is indirectly putting together other sectors of the Creative Arts such as modelling, photography, cinematography, dancing, blogging and more, so we can build a CREATIVE ARTS INDUSTRY.

2. Building Artistic Values- Most talents used to do music for fun and didn’t add any professionalism to it. Volta Music Awards organizers and their consultants pushed in numerous seminars to educate the general public and especially the artistes on their crafts and also to psych them up for the filing process. Best to my knowledge, series of seminars are in the pipeline to teach artistes more on how to meet national standards.

3. National Attention- The nation’s attention has been drawn to this side of the country because, the region is now captured in almost all the influential news portals such as print media, radio and television, not for the regular political issues but with respect to showbiz. It’s just not about the buzz alone but also inviting potential investors into the region with respect to the fact that, there are economic human brands available in the region that are worth investing in.

4. Employment- Since the award scheme is aimed at bringing out the artistic value in artistes, giving yet to be discovered talents the reason to do music, it will force them to invite the expertise of other professionals from different backgrounds with diverse perspectives to help make their brands unique in every way.

5. Competition- Since the scheme is to award authenticity and creativity, artistes are left with no other option than to work on their flows, productions, branding, content etc.

6. Awarding- A bit of appreciation they say, motivates one to do more. Hardworking artistes now have something to fight for, something worth to celebrate their efforts.

I am yet to hear of any award scheme both locally and internationally that has no issues associated with it especially when it’s a maiden edition. Our VMAs is no exception to this fact, as this is it’s maiden edition too. Entertainment pundits, music lovers, artiste and their fans have their various criticisms to utter, some are objective while others are not.

To me, the problems detected are minor issues which can and will be corrected in subsequent editions. This raises the question of whether some of our artistes, showbiz pundits and other stakeholders exercise professionalism at all?

Is social media the right medium to use to register our grievances/disappointments?
I guess the VMA board figured out a lot of problems while they were running their researches before committing resources towards the scheme. That’s why they organized seminars on branding and more.
Did you learn a thing from the seminar?

1. The VMAs is a baby scheme which promises to stay till God knows how long. Therefore, they have to protect the brand from defamatory comments since that can deny them of sponsors and will also make the scheme look like a ‘joke’ in the eyes of the ordinary person. The board should feel free and exercise their prerogative powers.

2. Any individual who has a problem(s) with the board’s dealings/decisions, should communicate directly to them objectively. By so doing, we’ll minimize ‘unnecessary’ tension on the digital streets. We all need to make this scheme an enviable one.

My name is Prince Kingsley Afedo, StandOutEntGH’s publicist and strategist. This article is my candid opinion born from critical reasoning and analysis. However, it’s open to ONLY objective criticisms. This has nothing to do with Globalfmonline.com/ Global 105.1 Fm.

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