Volta Youth Network Endorses Hajia Zaynab Mahama as the National Women’s Organizer

The women wing of the National Democratic Congress is the engine of mobilisation and grassroot engagement. Over the years, the outfit has brought a lot of steam to party machinery through awareness creation and empowerment of the majority of the party membership.

The various women organisers have always been vibrant and assertive women, who believe in the women as partners of development.

Hajia Zaynab Joyce Mahama upon assuming office some four years ago, raised the bar of women participation a notch higher through constituency engagements and empowerment of the various constituency women wings as well as the WOCOMs in the various TEINs.It is therefore not surprising when the women were in the forefront of the last elections campaigning aggressively through the instrumentality of HAJIA.

Over the last few years, Hajia has used her position to lobby jobs and economic opportunities for women and Youths – a gesture that has brought as much activity in the women front, the youths were not left out: many of the youths have been assisted to get recruitment into the various security services and many secured employment at the various sectors of our economy.

Hajia is a mother full of compassion. She is what one could describe as a transformational leader.
In opposition, our party, especially the women wing needs a rallying point and so a woman with deep understanding of womanhood is needed to coordinate the affairs of the women.
Hajia’s maturity and sense of duty distinguishes her as the right candidate for the position of the National Women’s Organizer of the Great NDC going into elections 2020.
We in the Volta Youth Network are of the view that it will be suicidal to overlook the hardwork and party loyalty that Hajia has demonstrated over the years – she deserves a second term.

We have also thought through the policy document for Hajia Zaynab Joyce Mahama as follows:

WOMEN EMPOWERMENT : We will establish Skills development centres to train women for various trades and empower them to rally behind the National Democratic Congress.

✅This is in progress as the first one will be opened in the Volta Region by end of the year.

✅ It will be managed by constituency women organizers and supervised by the regional women organizers

✅We have engaged our party financiers and like-minded people who agree with our ideologies to set up a micro-credit facility to support our women organizers financially for business purposes.

We will establish a SPECIAL FEMALE FORCE that will play a major role in spreading information and campaigning towards election 2020.
✅The special female forces will also have a mandate to supervise polling stations during the 2020 elections.

There will be special training for women in communication skills for Television, Radio and Social Media interactions.


Tertiary Education ✅Institutional Network (TEIN) will be engaged whilst in school and after school for mentoring on political activities whilst their database will be kept for job placement purposes and as reference for future political appointments

CAPACITY BUILDING programmes will be held frequently to improve our women’s understanding of the emerging political trends.


We will continue our plan to put up housing facility for Kayayes in Kumasi and Accra

We therefore call on the delegates to reward Hardwork dedication and Party loyalty by endorsing Hajia Zaynab Joyce Mahama for the position of the National Women’s Organizer when the women wing goes to elect their National officer later this month.


Eye Zu!!
Eye za!!


Coordinator- Volta Youth Network

Tel- 0240828526


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