We’ll commence flights to Ho airport soon – Africa World Airlines

The Africa World Airlines will soon start using the Ho Airport pending approval from the Ghana Airport Company Limited.

This announcement follows an inspection of the Ho airport by officials from the local airline company.

Africa World Airlines, an indigenous domestic air travel operating company, says it is satisfied with the state of the Ho airport and will soon communicate its readiness to fly the route after inspecting the facility on Thursday, September 17, 2020.

The Ho airport, according to the government, has been completed and awaiting airline companies to fly the route since 2018 but representatives of Africa World Airlines say they were not officially informed about the readiness of the Ho Airport.

The Chief Safety Officer of the Africa World Airlines, Captain Kwesi Oteng however said the company is satisfied with the facility.

Vetting and determination will come from authorities, but from our perspective, it meets our safety standards. You know Africa World Airlines has very high safety standards. We are recognised all over Africa, so we always place our standards slightly higher than the regular airlines. We are very satisfied with what we have seen so far.”

Capt. Oteng explained that the delay on the side of Africa World Airlines was borne out of the lack of communication from the Aviation Authority.


“The normal procedure is that the Aviation Authority notifies local carriers about the readiness of the facility, but apparently that has not been done, hence our visit here this morning to, as it were, do a feasibility study in order to start flying the route as soon as is possible,” Capt. Oteng said.


Captain Oteng, however, indicated that “Africa World Airlines is very impressed with the state of the Ho airport and will in the coming weeks communicate officially on the way forward in flying the route”.


Meanwhile, the security in charge of the Ho airport, Assistant Aviation Security Supt. II Lucy Adzorxornu, told the media that the Ho airport has already been receiving aircraft and had since been ready for commercial flights.


Underscoring the need for the airport in the region, Captain Evaristus Cincin Dagbe of the aviation authority said: “In situations where people need urgent medical attention, we fly them over. We fly some to Korle Bu in Accra and other hospitals. I have personally flown patients. When this airport is operational, it will open up the Region”.


“The airport must be operationalised. What then is the use of the $25 million invested into it?” Captain. Dagbe quizzed.


During a courtesy call on Togbe Afede XIV by the 11 member team from Africa World Airlines, the Agbogbomefia of the Asogli State, who is also the founder and co-chair of the local carrier company said his company is willing and able to fly the route pending approval from the government.


Togbe Afede also called on the people of the Volta Region to start getting ready for a faster means of travel by air in order to justify the viability of the air transport business in the region.

Source: citinewsroom.com

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