“We’ll Win the 2020 Polls, but. . .” Akusika Kpene Ansah

A Deputy Volta Regional Women Organizer of the NDC, Mrs. Akusika Kpene Ansah, has said that the NDC’s victory in the upcoming general elections is not in doubt, but this will be possible only if the party took it’s reorganization efforts seriously and purposed to approach every single initiative with a sense of mission.

She said this while contributing to discussions at a 2-day capacity building workshop for Constituency Women Organizers of the party in the region.
“Most of us have the firm conviction that the NPP did not win the 2016 elections, the NDC rather lost votes and thereby made the NPP default winners. In my candid opinion, we took a lot for granted out of complacency and he thought that victory was already won. If we’re going to win the next general elections, we need to approach our work with a renewed sense of mission and purpose. We can’t afford to be complacent this time around.” She sand.

Madam Akusika Kpene Ansah also joined other colleagues to lament some negative factors within the party that, in their view, impede progress of the party.

Some of us have been reduced to beggars. We always have to ask for help for all activities even when the party hierarchy needs to come to the realisation that we would need funds for these activities. We would wish that those in authority who need to release funding for our activities do so without waiting to be asked. This way we are sure the petty confrontations that usually emanate from these issues would be curtailed. The truth is that some financiers of the party are disgruntled that they did not get the needed attention from the party while we were in power. This has caused huge disaffection for the party as far as these people are concerned. I would therefore plead with the party hierarchy to retrace their steps to these crucial partners and repair those relationships,” she said.

I would also entreat our national Secretariat to continue to motivate and encourage us at the grassroots such that we will have the needed assurance that they stand solidly behind us,” she added.

Other participants had various opinions to share as to what the party needed to do to make the needed progress towards victory 2020.
The conduct of some of our Members of Parliament also leaves much to be desired. Sometimes they tend to antagonize us for no reason. If you come across them in parliament, you sometimes don’t even get the needed attention. While your own MP sees you and act as if he/she hasn’t seen you, other MPs from elsewhere embrace you warmly” they said.

The proliferation of camps and cliques within the party is also mitigating against the progress of the party. This is made worse especially after elections. Supporters of some candidates are usually unable to reconcile with those of other candidates even after elections are over. Some of us women organizers have been so tagged as supporters of candidate A or B, and so we have become enemies to some people. Sometimes these members are so embittered against us that they refrain from all forms of contact or association with them. We will therefore call on our executives and party elders to intervene in these matters as a matter of urgency to restore unity as soon as possible,” others added.


The workshop has passed a number of resolutions to be contained in an official Action Plan which will serve as roadmap for the activities of the women wing of the party in the region.

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