Worsening Traffic Situation in Ho – The Absence of Traffic Lights at Key Crossroads Cause Confusion Over Right Of Way

The traffic situation in the Volta Regional capital, Ho, continues to worsen by the day as the entire city of Ho can boast of only four traffic lights located at some vantage points.

As a result of this, reckless driving by some motorists has led to several accidents, mostly vehicular collisions.

The Ho-Dome barracks junction, for example, takes the prize as it is more of an accident prone zone than the rest of the cross-roads in town.

Here, taxi drivers as well as drivers of other commercial and private vehicle usually get entangled in long, serpentine queues as a result of each person thinking he/she has the right of way.

Other major crossroads like the Guinness and GN Bank junctions also lack traffic lights, and not even the constant police presence at these junctions is enough to ease the situation. Speaking to GLOBAL FM NEWS, some drivers complained of the worrying situation. “We sometimes have to be in human regulated traffic for about 5-10 minutes especially on market days”.

Recounting his difficulty in accessing his route, Forson Agbatrikor, a taxi driver said, “When the police are directing the traffic, it even gets worse and its better we control the traffic ourselves, but the best thing is for traffic lights to be mounted at this junctions to aid our free movement which will restore law and order”

In an exclusive interview with GLOBAL FM NEWS in his office, Chief Inspector F.M Agbedze of the regional MTTD of the Ghana Police Service acknowledged the fact that the traffic situation at these junctions is quite worrying, and that they [the police] have taken steps to appeal to the urban roads department to consider working on it.

“I have taken steps to visit the urban roads to plead with them to consider fixing the traffic lights at these dangerous junctions in order to curb the frequent accidents that happen at these junctions.

All we can do is to keep alerting them [urban roads] of the need, we can’t force them since it involves money and they also have to write to their superiors for approval.”

He however gave the assurance that “our men will continue to be on the ground to direct traffic but we ask from the drivers to give them the respect so as to make our work much easier.”

When asked what the MTTD of the police service was doing, Inspector Agbedze said “I go from media house to media house to educate the public on road traffic issues” but he promised their continuous presence at every place to ensure speed limits are followed strictly by drivers, especially on the Ho-Kpetoe  road.

“Currently, we have suspended our speed limit checks due to one or two reason but we would soon resume in order to make sure over speeding stops on the roads” he added

A traffic police on duty, who spoke to Global News, disclosed that they “have to come here [the non-traffic] junctions every week to control the movement of vehicles in order to avoid accidents.”

A taxi driver, however, disagrees with the police officer’s claim. According to him, “the presence of the police directing traffic makes situations worse; we want traffic light here and not police.

Even though Ho is less dense in in terms of population, on market days it can be compared to Agbogbloshi market in Accra.

Photos: Yalah Abubakar


Source: Globalfmonline.com/ 105.1/ fkmduhoe.gh@gmail.com

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